Over the weekend on Twitter, a story from Complex called "The 90's Male R&B Group Pyramid Of Excellence" got folks into a complete tizzy and a lot of people began to debate and list their Top 5 or 10 R&B groups from the era, ignoring the fact that the writers didn't put the groups in any particular ranking, rather just put them in tiers.

With that being said, it made me think of the current NFL and College Football playoffs so I figured, let's take a few of those groups, and based off that pyramid, we have a PLAYOFF! Besides, this will help the rest of us get through the rest of the season because our favorite teams are on the couch with the rest of us. So, let's have some fun!

The criteria we used to select the groups was solely based on ONE thing: The groups DEBUT ALBUM had to have been released by Jan. 1, 1990. This automatically disqualifies groups such as New Edition, Guy, Levert and Full Force who may have had hits in the 90's but their strongest runs were through the 80's, also, it shortens our list to make the bracket easier. Album sales and single chart history is also considered in seeding.

We're following the same format as the NFL Playoffs, The two top seeds (Jodeci and Boyz II Men) have first week byes, and there are two Wild Cards (Jagged Edge & Hi-Five).

Here's the rest of the bracket starting first wit the Full Force Bracket:

  • 1


    Beginning in the "Full Force Bracket": Top Seed Jodeci has the bye and they will face the winner of The Wild Card battle between two groups that represent Texas: (8) H-Town & (9) Hi-Five. 112 and BlackStreet will battle in the 4 vs. 5 matchup next!

    2017 Playoff
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    New Edition Bracket

    In the New Edition Bracket, Top Seed Boyz II Men will face the winner of the Wild Card matchup between (7) Silk and (10) Jagged Edge. Dru Hill showed up strong in the rankings but Mint Condition could upset them!

    2017 playoff