Two more films about the late Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur are headed to the small screen. The A&E Network has announced they are premiering two separate documentaries on Biggie and 2Pac next month.

A&E is reviving their popular "Biography" series to document milestone anniversaries and newly unearthed material about famous names. For both Biggie and 'Pac, the music world is remembering these two hip-hop icons who were murdered over 20 years ago.

Per Variety, The Notorious Life of Biggie Smalls is a two-hour, deeply personal "Biography" documentary that will trace the life, death and legacy of the late Christopher Wallace (aka The Notorious B.I.G.) as told by those who loved him most, including his widow Faith Evans, his mother Voletta Wallace, his close friend Lil Cease, the members of Junior Mafia, and some of the biggest superstars in hip-hop.

Directed by Mark Ford, this documentary is the definitive biography of Biggie Smalls and the first to be officially authorized by his estate. It will also focus on Faith's emotional relationship with the late rapper and talk with people who knew Biggie growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. B.I.G.'s relationship with Diddy and Lil' Kim is also explored as well as his feud with 2Pac.

Meanwhile, the Who Killed Tupac? documentary is a six-hour mini-series that focuses on the investigation, twenty years after 2Pac's death. Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who represented Trayvon Martin, will conduct, for the first time ever, a thorough investigation in the case. In each installment of this investigative series, viewers will learn about the legendary rapper's life while Crump examines key theories surrounding the murder. T

A&E's 2Pac documentary will follow behind the long-awaited Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me, which arrives in theaters on June 16, which would have been ‘Pac’s 46th birthday.

A&E's Biggie documentary will air on June 28, while 2Pac's docu-series will premiere the following day on June 29.

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