We've begged and prayed for an end to the HOT temps in Central Texas and our prayers were answered this week as the temperatures took a drop. As everyone reveled in having to wear more clothing, an unintended consequence of said prayers have also returned: THESE DAMN CRICKETS.

As I sit in my studio right now typing this up, there's one hanging out on my wall right now...I'm serious, his name is Bob and claims to work in Engineering but I think he's trying to hide from our REAL engineer Doug who's on cricket detail here in our offices.


And throughout the hallways here at Townsquare Media, they are just hopping along unbothered. Its almost like they're our colleagues and they have salaries with benefits.

Of course this is an almost annual occurrence that we normally forget about. Mainly because its so close to Halloween that we're probably too focused on other "scary things". But really, Its just a part of living in Texas that we've come to accept.

Even though I've lived here for quite awhile, I still have no clue why we keep getting these invasions of biblical proportions but before I seek an altar to repent to, I'll let KENS 5 in San Antonio do the leg work and talk to an expert to find out WHY this is happening.

Well there you go. You have 2 options, get bug spray and be killing yourself and them or just deal with it.

Where are my earplugs?

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