Reparations for African Americans for slavery had been an issue talked about for decades that is now gaining traction again in the media with multiple presidential hopefuls using the possibility as their platform and author Ta-Nehisi Coates' stirring speech on the topic at a recent House Judiciary Committee meeting. The Game has heard the chatter and he has a clear idea of what he wants descendants of slaves to receive.

On Friday (June 21), TMZ caught Chuck in Hollywood, Calif. at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at a listening for his new album and queried him on the topic of reparations. What do they look like to The Game?

"It looks like 40 aces and Lamborghini. Forty acres and a Lambo," he responded, playing on the old adage that former slaves should receive 40 acres and a mule for their services.

The Compton rapper was not concerned with what the aftermath of such a task could detail. "I don't know what it's gon' do [to the economy]," he added. "It don't matter what it does because the country was built on the backs of, you know, slavery."

In other Game-related news, the "Down to Fuck" rapper is prepping what he says will be his final album, Born 2 Rap. On Friday, he put out the latest single off the upcoming LP, "West Side."

Check out video of The Game explaining his reparation strategy below.

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