No matter how we try to deny it, most of us cannot and would not survive without our cell phones!  How did we possibly function without the "digital leash?" Looking back, I vividly remember the days of the rotary phone, then came push button!   Gone were the days of trying to turn the rotary dial quietly so "Mama" wouldn't know you were on the phone.  And then came "modern technology" ... call waiting... with the turn of a little button, VOILA! you could switch over and talk to 2-3 people... at one time!  We have come a long way from those good old days that brought us so many fond memories of our youth.  We went through several models before reaching our current destination.  The big bag phone, the case, the flip, the slide, the mini, etc.  Things are so very different today as technology progresses.  Which brings me to the cell phone "today".  Have you ever watched the reaction of someone who misplaced their cell phone?  Here's what it looks like... First they come to a complete stop and ask themselves, "where's my phone"?  The proceed to either pat their pockets or check their purse. If anybody is around, they will ask them to call their phone in hopes that it will ring to reveal it's whereabouts.  Onlookers, sometimes complete strangers who identify with your pain, even get into the action by asking, "what's your number?" and offer to call your phone.   It's very comical to watch, unless it happens to be you!  I fell victim to this process this weekend and was separated from my lovable, wovable cell mate.  When I realized that I was not going to have my phone all weekend, I decided to test myself to see just how hooked I really am.  No cell phone Friday night thru Monday morning...imagine that?  I have to admit that I went through a short withdrawal period and subconsciously reached for it a time or two on Friday, and maybe a couple of times on Saturday, but for the most part, surprisingly, I did better than I thought I would.  Can you survive a weekend without YOUR cell mate?  Might try it sometimes.  It can be very liberating.  ~Monica