Before we begin let me start by saying if you came here looking for that "other" kind of "weed", that's not what this is about and I got you to click on this post and I accomplished that mission!

March 28th is considered "National Weed Appreciation Day" and the weeds we are supposed to be appreciating are usually sprayed with Round-Up and killed in our lawns. But weeds actually have a benefit to our ecosystem as food for insects and humans (that doesn't mean anyone wants to try your edible "Dandelion Brownies"). Weeds like Dandelions, wild radish, mustard, even sunflowers are just a few of the weeds found in Texas.

So if you're interested in finding out some of the best places in Central Texas to find weed, I have a few locations for you to choose from so get outside and enjoy the....aromas.


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    Any Long Stretch Of Texas Highway

    Around this time of the year, you can expect to see lots of folks pulled over on the side of road to do impromptu family photo shoots with Texas Blue Bonnets, but check out some of the weeds as well.

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    Ogletree Gap Perserve

    Swing out to Copperas Cove and check out Ogletree Gap Perserve. You can see the entire town of Copperas Cove as well spot some good weeds there too on a nature hike.

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    Chalk Ridge Falls Park

    Chalk Ridge Falls Park is another great place to see some weeds and there's waterfalls, hiking trails and more stuff to see!