Imagine getting on an airplane to go see your family, make a work meeting, or just enjoy some travel and issues start happening with the airplane. It's that nagging fear that we all experience to some degree when we get on a flight, and it's exactly what happened today (February 11, 2022) when American Airlines flight 3845 out of Dallas had to make an emergency landing in Killeen.

American Airlines Implements Service Fee
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There was smoke detected in the cargo area around 2:01 PM, so the crew requested an emergency landing. All 35 of the passengers and the three crew members who were on the plane were safely evacuated. The Robert Gary Army Airfield fire emergency services responded to the scene to make sure everyone was safe and investigate what may have happened.
No one is exactly sure what caused the smoke on the plane. What I can say is we are all very happy and thankful that no one was harmed on the flight, and the plane was in one piece when it landed.
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AFP via Getty Images


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A big thanks and round of applause for the pilots and staff is definitely warranted here. It takes not only training but courage to keep a cool head in a situation like this. (I know I would go into panic mode if this happened to me.)

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