The fall season is officially upon us, and Texans couldn't be more excited. Temperatures are getting lower, sweatshirts are being worn, s'mores are back in style, and most importantly, Halloween is just around the corner.

So that is certainly something a lot of us are looking forward to, but spooky season is bringing with it scary prices for one of the essential Halloween decorations. People looking for gourds to turn into Jack O'Lanterns are about to get a fright.

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Pumpkin Prices Rising In Texas

According to ABC13 Houston, prices for everyone's favorite Halloween accessory have risen. Normally our little orange friends are priced at around $3.00.  However, due to fuel costs, the average price has gone up to $3.21.

Ok, so it could be worse, but if you plan to buy a few pumpkins to carve and/or make pie with, that cost could add up. We're all tightening our budgets these days, so yet another price increase is beyond annoying.

ABC13 received a comment from Dr. Kerri Camp, a UT Tyler professor of marketing, mentioning fertilizers, seed, transportation costs and a labor shortage all contributed to rise in pumpkin price.

However, while the price raise is a little uncomfortable, there is a bright side to the rise in cost.

Reports From Pumpkin Producers

With the various droughts and the extreme heat that Texas went through this past year, some were worried that pumpkins would be in short supply. Thankfully, production seems to have gone up 10%-20% according to ABC13.

So Jack O' Lanterns will be out and about in Texas, but at a little more cost than expected.

Where to Find the Perfect Pumpkin in Central Texas

You can find pumpkins just about anywhere this time of year, including H-E-B and Walmart. However, you miss out on the fun of going out to the pumpkin patch and searching for the perfect pumpkiny pal when you just go to a big store.

If you want to make a day of it with great food, activities, and even rides, I recommend the Robinson Family Farm in Temple.

You may have been out there before, and if you have, you know how great spending the day there can be. However, it was always a little rough getting in and out.

I say was because they've actually changed locations. You'll now find them at 2651 Bob White Rd, not too far from their old location.

By the way, we've got a pumpkin carving contest coming up in October, so definitely grab your pumpkin ASAP. There could be a nice prize in it for ya!

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