A top 50 list of the United State's safest metropolitan areas has been released, and Texas made a strong showing.

According to Safewise's Emily Long, eight Texas cities placed high on the list. In fact, a Texas city placed 2nd and surprised everyone.

San Antonio broke Texas into the list at number 40, with Houston coming in at 37. Austin took the 26th spot.

We move up to the DFW metroplex area with Dallas and Fort Worth respectively coming in at number 25 and 24. Corpus Christi too the 23rd spot.

Arlington came in at number 18.

So, what was the top rated Texas city at number 2?

El Paso! Yeah, a border city. In fact, its place at the Texas-Mexico border was cited as a reason for it being so safe, with an increased police presence and security being a top concern.

The safest metropolitan in America on the list was New York, New York.

The list was compiled using FBI data not only concerning violent crime, but accidents as well. The study claims city folks are overall safer than country people, with rural citizens having a 20% higher chance of being in a fatal accident.

Judging by the results, it seems we all feel a little safer in Texas cities.

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