Erykah Badu has been making headlines for things other than music recently when she announced a few weeks back that she was working on a "perfume" that smells like her vagina. We've never known Ms. Badu to tell any lies and staying true to her word, the Badu World Market is now open for business.

The online shop features clothing including t-shirts, hoodies, and footwear created by Badu, vinyl copies of her past albums and it even has details on upcoming shows that you can catch Erykah performing on tour.

But the big item everyone was trying to get their hands on, "Erykah's Pussy" incense is already SOLD OUT. According to a video the singer posted to Instagram, Erykah's vagina scented incense sold out in NINETEEN MINUTES valued at $50 for 20 sticks but she says they have plans to re-up soon.

So if you want to get your hands on some of Erykah's items, swing over to and get hooked up and if you have some of Erykah's "Incense" let us know what it smells like or bring us a stick!

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