Changes to Cash Five will take effect Monday, September 23rd.

Via Texas Lottery

Texas Lottery has announce a redesign of one of the longest-running draw games.

Cash Five will relaunch on Sunday, September 23rd, with the first drawing happening on Monday, the 24th, at 10:12 p.m. Central Time. The relaunch will be with a new matrix, better overall odds of winning, and guaranteed prizes, including a $25.000* top prize.

Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery says..."We are thrilled to launch a new version of Cash Five that will be entertaining for our players. By replacing the pari-mutuel prize structure with guaranteed prizes and giving our players better odds of winning, we anticipate player and retailer interest in Cash Five will rise, leading to higher sales, which most importantly leads to increased revenue for Texas education."

With the new Cash Five changes, players will choose five numbers from one to 35 (it was one to 37 in the old format), or can choose the Quick Pick option to have numbers selected by the terminal. The matrix change improves overall odds of winning from one in eight to one in 7.2. Players can still play up to 12 consecutive Cash Five drawings through the Multi-Draw option. The Advanced Play feature is no longer available. Players can win guaranteed cash prizes for matching three ($15 prize), four ($350 prize) or five numbers ($25,000* top prize). For matching two numbers, a player will be awarded a free $1 Cash Five Quick Pick ticket.

Via Texas Lottery

*In any drawing where the number of top prize winning plays is greater than three, the top prize shall be paid on a pari-mutuel rather than fixed prize basis and a liability cap of $75,000 will be divided equally by the number of top prize winning plays.