Although I love Central Texas, my goal this year is to eat pray love around the world. I’ve lived in Texas most of my life and I always feel like we are probably the most hospitable people you would ever meet.

When I say the most hospitable people you ever meet, I’m not talking about all Texans because I know there are some buttheads out there - I’m talking about Central Texas.

I thought I'd never find a place as welcoming and nice as our neck of the woods, so imagine my surprise when I traveled to Vegas.

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Central Texas field was a melting pot of thousands of people from around the world and we have the Fort Hood station to thank for that. It’s very rare that you find someone who is actually from Central Texas (we’re talking born and raise) due to the military base.

I decided instead of meeting people here in Central Texas I will meet people all through the United States and my first stop was Las Vegas, Nevada. I went to Las Vegas last weekend to celebrate my birthday with family and friends, and I cannot stress how much that city reminds me of my hometown.

Of course, we don’t have the big lights and names or Celine Dion as a residency, but there were three key factors why I think every Texan would enjoy going to Las Vegas.



When you first hop off the plane in Las Vegas, the first thing you notice is the desert and all of the cowboys. I’m not talking about Dallas Cowboys, I’m talking about save a horse ride a cowboy cowboys. I saw more horses and spurs this weekend with the gentleman with Southern accents saying howdy than I’ve seen all through Texas. I truly was amazed.



Another similarity that Las Vegas has to Central Texas is these were some of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m talking about hospitality out of the roof.

Everywhere I went people were saying hello how are you doing, which is very odd to me because I am experienced vacationing on the West Coast before and no one has ever been that nice.


Last but not least, the amount of Dallas Cowboys fans you will find in Las Vegas is truly something special. I thought Texans were serious about their Cowboys, but I can assure you if you go to Las Vegas, speaking ill of the Dallas Cowboys might land you in a real-life bar fight. (I saw one when I was there.)

I love the fact that even though I’ve decided this year is going to be based on traveling, eating amazing foods around the world, and learning new things about other states, it was really comforting knowing that Vegas felt a little like home.

Vegas may be Sin City, but you are good in my book!

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