As a lot of you are well aware, I am a lifelong Saints fan and everybody in the country saw the con job to get a Los Angeles football team into the Super Bowl "blown no call" by NFL referees in the NFC Championship game this past Sunday. Chiefs fans also have gripes about officiating in the AFC title game after a "hand" was placed on Tom Brady turning into a 15 yard "roughing the passer" call on the Chiefs.

Overwhelming conscious from fans and analysts alike that UNDERSTAND football know that what they saw was highway robbery of the highest order doing MORE damage to the "integrity" of the NFL and its on field product.

Never mind that the league chose to assign 3 officials (who literally had eyes on the play) from Los Angeles. Forget for a second that overall for the last few seasons, the league with all the technology available to its disposal (because 360 degree freeze frame instant replays "enhance" the game right?) continues to use an aging referee core that at times has to put on GLASSES to see things on a replay screen but those same glasses are not needed for them to see the play in real time. The "optics" around this whole situation is really bad.

Speaking of "optics", Crystal Vision Center in Bryan College Station saw the play just like the rest of us and decided to tweet about it, offering up free eye exams and glasses to any NFL referee that wants to take them up on the offer.


That's too funny, but before you fix your lips to say "aww bad calls happen every game, quit crying" consider this. When YOUR favorite team gets screwed in similar fashion, make sure you keep that same energy because if it can happen to the Saints, it can (and will) happen to your team.

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