In recent years, churches across the country, especially 'megachurches', have come under criticism for always "taking" from their parishioners and never "giving back". But there's LOTS of churches that are inspiring others into lending a helping hand to its members and that movement is spreading.

According to KDFW Fox 4, Dallas based Lake Pointe Church is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a "Pay It Forward" campaign. The church asked its 12,000 members across multiple campuses in the DFW area to make donations that would in turn, be used to pay off the medical debt of 2,000 families in Dallas and Rockwall counties.

Lake Pointe Church leaders announced that they were able to pay off $2.7 million dollars in debt after working with a medical debt company to help negotiate down the collection amounts. The church will also contact creditors to restore credit for the families.

Thanks to this amazing and massive act of kindness, 2,400 families in North Texas will now breathe a little easier and get a fresh start. Let's hope this kind of kindness continues to spreads.

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