Of course easter egg hunts are for kids, but in the city of Lake Jackson Texas, they are getting adults in on the fun!

According to KTRK, the Lake Jackson Parks & Recreation Department will have its 3rd Annual Adult Flashlight Easter Egg Scramble and they are throwing in some major adult sized prizes for participants since the registration for this event has gone through the roof!

More than 10,000 eggs will be filled with candy and prize coupons including 4K HDTVs, laptops, gaming systems, getaways and more! The event takes place March 23rd but if you're trying to get signed up, you might be too late:

"The first year we had 400 participants, then 600 last year and 900 this year. We like to say it's the most exciting 90 seconds of the year," Lake Jackson Parks & Recreation Director Jeremy D. Bubnick via KTRK

This sounds like so much fun, can we make this happen here in Central Texas?

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