The countdown is on as we approach Valentine's Day here in Texas and we know that you're already frantically looking for that perfect gift for your special someone.

Thanks to the folks at Estately, we have a pretty good idea about what you're likely looking for, as they have compiled a list of Valentine's Day gifts that Texans have Googled more than any other state.

A couple of things stick out to me about this list:


2. The Ladies of Texas really do believe in the phrase "Stand By Your Man".

3. 2 words Texans already love: "edible" and "discount".

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    "Plus Size Lingerie"

    Yes, we love our ladies THICK here in Texas, and plus sized lingerie is the Valentine's Day related gift that's Googled here more frequently than in any other state. I mean, when you consider all the delicious food options here, you gotta know that the ladies with "a little meat on their bones" are winning!

    By the way, the lovely lady in the photo is Orange Is The New Black star Dascha Polanco. The writer of this article is infatuated with her. *swoons*

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
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    "Valentine's Gifts For Him"

    The ladies of Texas also believe in "Stand By Your Man" as another term that's Googled here more than in other states is "Valentine's Day Gifts For Him". Texas Women are really the best!

    Catherine Yeulet
    Catherine Yeulet
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    "Edible Underwear" & "Discount Toys"

    Rounding out this list are a few terms that also prove we love things that are edible and also things that we can get a "great deal" on. Just gonna keep it PG here and say that y'all are "NAUGHTY".


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