Artists like 6lack, Lou The Human and others have their eye on a classroom full of freestyling students.

Last Friday (Nov. 8), teacher Sammy Rigaud from Atlanta tweeted out a video from his Facebook Live feed, which shows young students in his class dropping bars as part of his Freestyle Fridays, a reward. In the tweet, Rigaud explains that his students have a chance to step up and throw down a freestyle every week. The only requirement is if they earn an 80 percent or better score on their weekly assessments.

"Freestyle Friday’s!!! If you get 80% or higher on the weekly assessment..... you get a turn. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥," Rigaud tweeted.

The weekly reward doesn't appear to be a new practice in Mr. Rigaud's class. The Twitter thread also includes a music video from last year featuring freestyles from his other students. The videos overall have attracted an array of fans including rapper-singer 6lack, Lou The Human and others. The Georgia based artist, who dropped his East Atlanta Love Letter LP last year, says he may want to pull up on the class.

"They all went crazy but my last boi in his bag 😂 i’m pullin up," 6lack said.

Rigaud appears to be utilizing hip-hop correctly when it comes to their academic studies unlike high school teacher David Carter, who attempted to channel Common for his last class lecture. On Nov. 3, Carter, a White teacher from Milpitas, Calif.'s Milpitas High School, wore Blackface in his class on Halloween in an effort to portray the Chicago MC. A video of the lecture stirred up controversy online after it went viral. The school board ended up putting Carter on administrative leave.

Watch Mr. Regiaud and his class using hip-hop to their advantage below.

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