Contrary to previous reports, Suge Knight says didn’t sign over his life rights to Ray J.

In a YouTube clip posted by The Blast on Monday (Oct. 21), the former Death Row Records founder denied that Ray J owned his life rights, which means that a person or company could develop someone else's life story through mediums like movies or televisions.

Instead, according to Suge, the R&B singer and entrepreneur will be handling the music side of Death Row Records in the future.

"Yeah, I just heard about the article being released regarding that Ray J has all my rights television, movies, books, you know all that type of stuff," he said. "He don't. Ray J is not just a friend of mine, that's little brother, that's family. And I respect Ray J and his business dealings, that's why I choose him as one of the guys to deal with the music side of the future for as Death Row Records, anything to do Death Row and it's great to have him cause he will be putting out this incredible album and I heard it before."

The Blast also reported that Suge made his fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly the guardian of his life rights. "As far as the person who has the power of attorney, which is Toi who is dealing with the movie, television [and] a documentary," he said.

Suge further added that Nick Cannon will be handling his autobiography in book form.

"Nick Cannon will be doing the book personally as a writer, I know he has all the potential and the spirit to be a great writer, he is a great writer, he will be doing my book," he said.

"I can say he is a trustworthy guy, I think you should take notice to it, he's probably one of the most power players in the industry today who is honest and real," Suge added about Nick. "He keeps his word."

You can listen to Suge Knight explain Ray J's role in handling the music of Death Row Records below.

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