If you missed The Steve Harvey Morning Show today here it is without commercials and music:

This is the funniest morning show in the world when the right people are telling the jokes.

Steve makes it clear that @$$ whoopin's still take place in your 60's.

Will a rally for Trump be held at the Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem?

Season 2 for Steve on Facebook Watch starts today.

Congratulations to Naomi Osaka for winning the U.S. Open!

The Verzuz battle between Patti and Gladys was epic and everybody won.

Sports Talk with Junior almost did not happen today because of his teams.

A Georgia deputy is shown on video using excessive force on Roderick Walker.

Tropical storm Sally is on its way by Florida heading for New Orleans.

Today in Closing Remarks, Steve sends his condolences to the family of Ronald Bell from Kool and the Gang as we hit the beat of Summer Madness.

Steve also talks to us about the "I Get To!" and the importance of voting.


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