The Verzuz Battle between EWF and The Isley Brothers was EPIC!

The general consensus was that the Verzuz battle between EWF and The Isley Brothers would not have gone down if Steve was not the host.

Congratulations goes out to the power couple Nephew Tommy and his lovely wife Jacqueline Miles.

Steve reflects on the songs of Ronald Isley along with his 28 platinum albums.

Your favorite play cousin is very happy to report what is happening in Major League Baseball.

Blue Cheese shares with us a memory that is connected to the lyrics of EWF's song Devotion.

Big Dog talks about another version of his all time favorite song being played.

Coca Cola, Delta, and JP Morgan Chase are among the companies in Georgia that are condemning the new voter suppression law.

Today the show wraps up with some final words about greatness hosting greatness.

If you missed the show here it is without commercials and music!


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