As a Mavericks fan, I love to see it.

Tomorrow night is the first game for my Dallas Mavericks and I have high hopes for this season. This is honestly my favorite sports time of the year. Postseason baseball, football is going strong, hockey and basketball are kicking off. I love it! However, a lot of Texas is pretty mad at an article that popped up this week in the USA Today.

Charles Curtis gave his rankings for the most watchable teams in the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs came in at dead last. I get that the Spurs don't have the name recognition that we knew maybe a few years ago, but really? The least watchable team in the NBA! By the way, if you're Rockets fan, you're right there with them.

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Moving up literally one spot is the Houston Rockets at 29. John Wall is their big player, but rumors are flying he will be gone soon. So yeah, no one will want to watch the Rockets after that. I'm just happy my Mavericks came in at number eight on the list. Looking at the teams in front of them, I think the ranking is deserved.

I would definitely move a lot of these teams around, but I can see why Charles picked the way he did. Even though he pissed off a lot of Texas with his rankings. By the way San Antonio, if you're mad, your mascot took the top spot in my mascot rankings which you can check out below.

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I am a Dallas fan for pretty much everything, except baseball. Sorry, grew up in Baltimore so the Orioles are my team. However, when it comes to my mascot list below, I am being 100% honest. I think my choices will honestly shock you.

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