UPDATE: Unfortunately, today's launch was cancelled due to unfavorable weather.

The mission was scrubbed shortly before the planned launch time of 3:33 PM Central Wednesday. The launch escape system was being disarmed at the time when we would have been seeing Space-X and NASA's countdown.

The next attempt will be this Saturday at 2:22 PM Central. If that doesn't work out, they'll try for Sunday at 2:00 PM Central.

Let's hope the weather is more cooperative Saturday. I can't wait to see this launch!


It's been almost a decade since NASA retired the space shuttle. Since then, Americans have hitched rides to the International Space Station aboard Russian Soyuz rockets.

Today could be the day that starts to change and American spaceflight comes home.

Space-X will try to launch a Falcon 9 orbital rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida Wednesday, May 27 at 3:33 PM Central Time. The goal is to get two American astronauts aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft to the ISS (the first time a private space craft will have delivered humans to the station) and land the Falcon 9 safely back on earth for reuse.

NASA will be live streaming preparations and the launch, so keep an eye on their Facebook page. You can also follow #LaunchAmerica on social media for updates, and Space.com features more options for watching today's launch.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, tests proved the Falcon 9 could make safe landings. Back in January of 2020, Space-X was able to test an unmanned Crew Dragon's ability to make it back to Earth safely if there's an emergency.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about today's launch and what it means right now. We could all use some optimism and hope, and seeing a private company team with NASA to get Americans back into space using American resources is a thrill. Don't get me wrong: I sincerely hope that space travel can and will continue to be a cooperative effort, it's great to see our nation making space flight a priority again, especially now when things can seem so gloomy.

Will you be watching today's launch? I'm going to have it open on another screen as I work this afternoon. There's no way I'm missing it!

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