It's always fun to hang out with the homies from time to time, especially when they are friends you've known most of your life and in most cases, having that friend by your side can be a stronger bond than your "romantic" relationship. But a new study shows that most young men are actually more SATISFIED with being with their friends than they are with their "significant other".

According to an article from Time Magazine, a recent study of 30 heterosexual, second-year college males who had been in a relationship before or were currently, found that a majority of these young men found their "bromance" relationships to be more satisfying because they feel more comfortable sharing their experiences with their "bros" as opposed to their "romantic" partners. Some other highlights include:

  • 28 of 30 surveyed said they felt more comfortable sharing personal matters with their guy friends than their female counterparts.
  • Every one surveyed reported that they have at least one "bromantic" friend with whom they engaged in "no boundaries behaviors like sharing secrets, expressing love, or sleeping in the same bed with 29 of the 30 admitting that they "cuddled" with their "bromantic" partner.

While this study isn't very shocking to many of us who are older because when you're young and in college, the LAST thing you want to be bothered with in most cases is a relationship, what is fascinating the way many men feel more comfortable sharing their feelings with friends, which isn't a bad thing at all. But "cuddling together", I'll take a pass on that one broseph.

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