Five months after Nipsey Hussle's death, Snoop Dogg offers more of his own insights into the well-respected West Coast rapper.

During a Wednesday (Aug. 21) interview on Power 105's The Breakfast Club, Snoop was asked if Nipsey was accurate when he said he was this generation's Tupac Shakur, and Snoop, who was friends with both rappers, said yes.

"The spirit Nipsey had was the spirit Tupac had as far as being up close and personal with the people and just... trying to give back," he explained. "I think Nipsey did what Tupac couldn't do. I think [Nipsey] was the extension, like running the 440 relay and you pass the baton."

"I think the spirit of Tupac was Nipsey—the seed that he planted because he don't rap like him, but he moved like him," Nipsey added. "The way he was lovable but he was gangster at the same time. The way he was about the kids...the community work. That's the same thing Tupac was about."

As for Nip's passing, Snoop's song "One Blood, One Cuzz" from his latest album, I Wanna Thank Me, was his tribute to the fallen rapper.

"It really, really broke my heart. Like for real," he said of Nipsey's death. "It was kinda hard to write something with the spirit of how do I celebrate him feeling like I'm feeling. How do I represent him in the light that makes the most sense."

"[Nipsey] stood for was stopping the gang violence. He was from 60 Crip but he loved gang members. He loved Bloods. He loved YG," he said. "And the bond he had with the 'hood and different neighborhoods was impeccable. He was like a street soldier."

You can watch Snoop Dogg's comments about Nipsey Hussle and 2Pac below. Fast forward to the 30-minute mark.

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