The latest craze in foodie culture is stuffed turkey legs. Many restaurants have decided to take on this latest trend which gained more popularity when a Houston restaurant started serving them and folks from all over the South would make the trip to try them out.

Witnessing folks travel hours away just to try one is one of the reasons local entrepreneur and owner of Krab Kingz Brandon Martin is opening up Kingz Turkee Shack located at 4700 Trimmier Road Ste. B. in Killeen.

Serving slow-smoked turkey legs stuffed with a variety of flavor-filled dishes to include specialty pasta dishes and homemade southern classics.

Over the weekend, Brandon invited us over to their location for a sneak peek of some of their delicious stuffed turkey leg offerings and WOW. I gotta say that I was blown away!


I had the dirty rice stuffed turkey leg which was absolutely scrumptious! The dirty rice was delicious with a creamy flavor and the turkey legs were slow smoked to perfection giving the rice an added delicious flavor.


Folks also enjoyed the "Chicken & Dumplings" stuffed turkey leg which we seen a lot of folks enjoying! It was a banger too! Put it like this, I couldn't eat all of this in one sitting so I took it home and continued enjoying this delicious well into the evening. Everything was great!

They are also serving up other varieties of turkey legs you can try including "Blackened Shrimp Pasta" and more creations they are working on before their grand opening!


Before you go pull up and camp outside their location, make sure you LIKE them on Facebook at Kingz Turkee Shack first to stay up to date on when their official grand opening will take place.

Many thanks to Brandon and the Kingz Turkee Shack crew for the invite and we look forward to hanging out there and enjoying MORE of these delicious creations here in Killeen!