Congratulations are in order for singer and actress Keke Wyatt who took to Instagram over the weekend that her and her third husband Zackariah Darring are expecting a baby...Wyatt's TENTH child.


Social media of course had a field day when she broke the news on Monday as her name was one of the top trending topics on Twitter. But as you know pregnancy has never slowed her down from working as she continues to perform across the country and has a reality show on YouTube called "The Keke Show" where she gives a look into how she balances mother hood with her career.

Melz On The MIC interviewed Wyatt a few years back when she broke the exclusive news of baby number 9 and she said "I'm Fertile Mertyl gift is I can sing and have babies."

Congratulations once again to Keke and her husband Zackariah and their ENTIRE family on the joyous news!

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