If you're looking for a job, that has incredible perks like great pay, trips to tropical destinations and concerts then you should consider a career with K. Michelle as a "side chick"!

That's right ladies, if you're willing to be K. Michelle's "girlfriend", there's a job for you according to a now deleted Instagram post to the singer's account recently. Just like for any other position, you have to meet the positions qualifications and you'll have to put your "emotions" to the side and be "professional" because she expects you to NOT fall in love with her because she already "have a man" so he will know about you.

Entry level "side chicks" may not need to apply for this one.

The position requirements state that you must be at least 25 years of age or older, "be smart and educated", no STD's, must live in Memphis, LA or Miami, "must contain a lot of melanin" and be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement among other things. You also must "not fall in love with her because I have a man".

Now either K. Michelle was trolling or she must have received a LOT of willing applicants because she deleted the post soon after but not before the internet got a hold of screenshots you can see here courtesy of The Jasmine Brand.

Some believe its a great way to "control" the situation in your "open" relationship, while others say "why not just cheat on each other in peace"? What do you think? Could you be a "hired girlfriend" from someone? Fellas, What would do if your lady approached you with this idea?


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