Sinead O’Connor, who recently recounted a violent experience with Prince, considered the prospect of the late artist becoming the subject of a #MeToo moment in the future.

In her upcoming memoir Rememberings, O’Connor wrote about arguing with him on the night she’d been invited to “hang out.” After some angry exchanges, Prince invited her to take part in a pillow fight, but she said he’d placed something heavy in his pillowcase that was “designed to hurt.” She added that she’d had to make “a run for it” with Prince in pursuit.

Asked in a new interview with the Guardian what might have happened if he’d caught her, O’Connor replied: “I think he would have beat the shit out of me.” She said the scariest moment of the experience had been when “he was sitting on a chair by the front door and he wouldn’t let me out. His irises dissolved and his eyes just went white. It was the scariest thing I’ve seen in my life.”

On the possibility of further accusations being leveled against him in the style of #MeToo allegations, she said: “I’m interested to see if that does happen because I know one woman he put in hospital for months. And she didn’t make a complaint. I think he was a walking devil. He wasn’t called Prince for nothing.”

O’Connor reported that she never met him again after that night. “I wouldn’t go fucking near him, no way. And he never attempted to meet me. I could have gone to the police and made a report, but I didn’t. I was just so glad to be out of it.”


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