There’s been a lot of confrontation in Texas when the discussion of COVID-19 is brought up. There are some Texans who were more than ready to take those dreaded masks off their faces and allow life to get back to normal. The reality is that our lives will never be normal again, because of COVID-19. Unfortunately, at this point in time, Covid is here to stay and we just have to learn how to manage it. Recently, it’s been shown that COVID-19 rates have started to find yourselves increasing once again, and I don’t know about you Texas, but I don’t want another shutdown.

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When discussing the COVID shutdown, you have to ask yourself, is it because individuals aren’t doing what needs to be done to avoid COVID-19 like wearing your mask, staying 6 feet away, and washing your hands? I thought it was only right to go on the air and ask some of my fellow listeners just a simple question, do you believe bringing back the mask law will improve and decrease the rate of COVID-19? I really didn’t think so many people would want to get involved or become this opinionated, but let’s just say our fellow Texans had a lot to say. When I tallied up the numbers to see who disagreed, and who agreed with the mask law it was very simple, it was a 50-50 debate. I had a listener who felt it was only right to go back to the mask law because that’s what kept us safe during the very beginning of the pandemic, and I somewhat agreed with that.


Photo courtesy of FDA press release
Photo courtesy of FDA press release

I also think, a lot of effort went into making sure individuals were 6 feet away from each other and we were making sure to be more serious about our hygiene like washing their hands. I also spoke with some Texans, who felt the mask law was stupid when it first started, and that the mask law would be stupid if it comes back. To be honest, I can understand that as well, you can become sick from anything for example. There was a young lady who called in who said she never left our house during COVID-19, had always been very clean, and still found a way to catch the COVID-19. Either way goes, the common denominator in this particular debate is we don’t want Covid to be here for very long, so I would just advise that we continue to keep our hands washed, keep our distance from one another, and if you choose to wear your mask, so be it.

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