Selena Gomez told Dallas, "It feels so good to be home!"

We bet it felt pretty good for them, too! The 'Stars Dance' singer took the stage at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving halftime show to promote the controversial Salvation Army in their Red Kettle Campaign.

Gomez opened with 'Like a Champion,' a song that sounds like it was written for Rihanna, complete with faux-island inflections. It was pretty appropriate for the occasion, no?

Soon she broke into current single 'Slow Down,' which she ironically sped up her movements to sing and groove to. 'Slow Down' was followed by 'Come & Get It.'

Gomez's vocals were more on point than usual, as live singing generally isn't her strong suit, and her choreography was impressive. What's more, it appears her wardrobe has taken a cue from bestie Taylor Swift -- she wore high waisted red shorts, but showed a hint of cheek. Ow ow! Happy Thanksgiving indeed. (Unless you're Justin Bieber. Then you're probably kicking yourself.)

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