By now you're probably aware who our next President of the United States will be. if not - spoiler alert - it's Donald Trump. For the last month the media has been spinning its wheels about how Texas could become a swing state. Well, after last night Texas' streak of winning Republican presidential candidates is up to 36 consecutive years.

The Texas Tribune created an interactive map of Texas divided by all 254 counties and how each one voted with respect to Trump and Clinton. So let's take a gander at Bell County.

With 49 of 49 precincts reported, Bell County's majority was for Donald Trump.

  • 51,780 voters chose Trump (R) - 55.1%
  • 37,608 voters chose Clinton (D) - 40%
  • 3,800 voters chose Johnson (L) - 4%
  • 811 voters chose Stein (G) - .9%

Overall Trump won 52.5% of Texas with 4,671,001 votes while Clinton had 43.3% with 3,852,025 votes.

Bell County State Representatives are:

  • District 54: Scott Cosper (R)
  • District 55: Hugh Shine (R)

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