Imagine having a rolling cocktail party pull up to the office or crib with margaritas? That sounds like every Texans dream. Well that dream is about to come true in San Antonio.

One thing we've learned during this pandemic is business owners have found ways to ADAPT and find inventive new ways to keep business going while dealing with COVID-19 guidelines that limit occupancy.

A popular San Antonio restaurant has found a very inventive way to bring the summer time party to you. Chef Johnny Hernandez of La Gloria announced plans to roll out "Margarita Trucks" which will deliver La Gloria’s signature margaritas and assorted menu items right to your door according to KSAT News 12.

According to the report, the first truck to roll out will only service within a three-mile radius of Crockett Park in downtown San Antonio but by June additional trucks will be available around the city.

Okay Central Texas restaurants, your move!

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