Ro James has really grown his demand as an R&B artist this year, and he's ending 2016 on a high note as he transitions into the new year. The "New Religion" singer recently stopped by the NPR offices, where he recorded a session for their popular Tiny Desk concert series.

James went through a slew of fan favorites off of his Eldorado album, including the smash hit, "Permission," as well as the playful "Already Knew That." The 24-year-old vocalist uses his impeccable and signature falsetto to grab in the viewers, and it's clear that some of the few audience members were eating it all up. He asks the small crowd, "Y'all hot, or is it just me?" as he proceeds to fan himself in between songs. Joined by his small band, which includes a two guitarists and a drummer, James proves that his R&B sound is nothing but authentic.

Ro James released his Eldorado album towards the top of 2016, and was met with critical acclaim from fans and reviewers. Social media has been raving over his genuine soul sound, which is a mix of 70s meets 90s. Check out James' Tiny Desk performance in the video above.

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