Something's happening in our night sky early on Sunday morning and it reminds me of Johnny Cash.

As reported from KXXV Channel 25, the solar event known as the 'Ring of Fire' eclipse is happening around 1:30 AM Sunday, so you may want to set an alarm or just stay up to watch.

The eclipse can be seen by people in parts of Africa, Asia, parts of Europe and, of course, here in the US.

According to the folks at, the reason it's called the 'Ring of Fire' eclipse is because of the orbital position of the Moon and Earth, and it'll look like a 'ring of fire' once the eclipse reaches it's peak.

NASA released some animation of what it'll look like.

Courtesy of NASA
Courtesy of NASA

Looks pretty cool right? Stay up late to watch it, in case of cloudy skies, you can watch it from NASA's YouTube channel or the Virtual Telescope Project.

If watching the eclipse is your thing, make sure to stay up late cause the next total solar eclipse won't happen till December 14th.... live from Folsom Prison. (LOL, I made that last part up)

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