Let's be perfectly honest with ourselves, we've been treating our home like trash for CENTURIES. As we continue to deal with this pandemic there have been many unintended consequences to this time in our history and there are a few good ones like this.

Videos and photos from around the world have been popping on social media as animals and wildlife take over empty streets, big cities look CLEARER as smog and air pollution are down, and there's even reports that our damaged ozone layer is healing as humans stay home during this pandemic.

According to an Associated Press report from KVUE, Duke University conservation scientist Stuart Pimm says "It is giving us this quite extraordinary insight into just how much of a mess we humans are making of our beautiful planet..this is giving us an opportunity to magically see how much better it can be.”

As we grapple with whether or not to "open" back up, take this into consideration that if we can have CLEANER air and natural resources for a CLEANER planet, which in turns helps us to be HEALTHIER, staying safe inside a little longer is something we all SHOULD consider.

Because when we do open back up, I'm sure we will APPRECIATE our home and do better to take care of it.

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