If you are an Arsenio Hall Fan then you've got to be scratching your head and thinking, "What the heck just happened?"  Arsenio came out of the gate last year like a freight train.  Excitement was everywhere and the buzz of a hot new late night show was all over Hollywood.  There were a few ups and downs and highs and lows for the show, but nothing that couldn't be corrected, or so we thought.

Good news came in February of this year when it was announced that the Show was picked up for another year.  Arsenio seemed to shine in the moment and the knowledge that he was here and here to stay.  Fast forward 3 months later, and the show is canceled.  Every fan is asking themselves, "how can that happen?"  Normally it can't, and that is the nature of Hollywood, controversy and some believe race.  In all it was a great run and great to see Arsenio back on the tube. This does open the door to what many believe is the coming of the, New Arsenio Hall Show.

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