Queen Naija is one of the fresh new faces of R&B and her smash hit "Medicine" just reached the top of the charts but she could be in court soon over a different song that sounds pretty close to a song by a Gospel star and he's letting it be known that he ain't happy about it.

The drama actually started earlier this year according to Bossip, when fans of Pastor John P. Kee alerted him to melody similarities between Naija's song "Karma" and a song Kee performed in 2012 called "Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story)". Naija denied the claims and said on twitter:

Let's fast forward to why this is back in the headlines now, because Kee is considering legal action.

As many of the young folks in this generation do, Queen's fans began to swarm Pastor Kee with comments coming to her defense but Kee began clapping back reminding folks about his career as a hit maker on the Gospel charts.

With all that said, here's both songs and you let us know what you think. Here's Pastor Kee's song:

Now here's Queen Naija's "Karma":

Coincidence or blatant rip-off? While no legal action has taken place we'll keep you posted if anything does change.


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