Paris Jackson isn't a Belieber at all -- and it has nothing to do with Justin Bieber wanting to be the new Michael Jackson.

Jackson lives in the same gated community in Calabasas, Calif. as Bieber, and TMZ sources say she hates the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer with a passion. However, while a few of Biebs' neighbors aren't fans of the star because of his reckless driving habits, Jackson's issues cut a lot deeper: she's mad at him for not raising awareness of self-harm and cutting.

Incidentally, Jackson is currently being hospitalized for a suicide attempt and long-time self-harm.

If you'll recall, a horrible hoax among faux Beliebers emerged called "Cutting for Bieber" back in January.

Jackson reportedly was furious with Bieber for not drawing more attention to the problem and thinks he's a "disgrace" for not being a better role model for his impressionable, sizable fan base. At the time of the hoax, Bieber remained silent on the issue, and Jackson thinks he should have spoken out about it instead.

To Bieber's credit, it was likely not just his decision to keep mum about cutting in light of the controversy: It was probably a smart move from a legal and PR standpoint at the time, especially since it wasn't Beliebers actually doing the cutting -- it was trolls.

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