The summertime is heating up and so is the summer time grown folks party that we call Sunday Night Live at Chief's Sports Grill located at 806 Atlas Avenue in Killeen.

Since yall love it SOOOOO MUCH we're bringing back another edition of "Old School Karaoke" with DJ Kay Smoove on the wheels of steel where you can sing your favorite song and entertain us for a chance to win $20 gift cards to enjoy food and drinks while you hang out with us at Chief's.

But the ONLY rule of Old School Karaoke is this: THE SONG YOU SING MUST BE 25 YEARS OLD OR OLDER. That's the only rule, so get your research on and pick a good one for a chance to get hooked up.

If you're not ready to sing, that's fine, I'll give you other chances to get a $20 gift card if you play one of my games including R&B Trivia, NEKKID TWISTER, NEKKID SPADES or we'll create game that you can play for you to get a chance to win.

Basically, call your buddies and tell them to meet you a Chief's for a fun Sunday night party before you start another work week. The party starts at 8:00 PM!

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