I'm quite sure the LAST thing you're thinking about when you're getting it on with your significant other is, "I wonder how many 'thrusts' its gonna take to do the job?". Well you may want to start taking that into consideration if you plan on purchasing a new condom that's about to hit the market.

According to the BBC (the network, not what you're thinking of), scientists funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have invented a self-lubricating condom that they promise will last the user "1,000 thrusts". For the sake of this article we will now refer to "thrusts" as "pumps" because this is America!

The average condom right now lasts about 600 "pumps" so you'll need to eat your Wheaties if you plan on getting it on with this new condom. According to the scientists, the average man "pumps" between 19 to 100 times a MINUTE during sex and when you consider the average session of sex lasts 5.4 minutes, that's between 100 and 500 "pumps" during a sex session.

So basically guys, you better get your weight up if you're planning on using these condoms when they come out as early as next year or you can be honest like the late great legend Bernie Mac.


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