John Legend's new song has a chill vibe as Jhene Aiko is featured on the track.


It’s holiday time!

That time of the year is when artists either drop holiday albums or new music to end the year off to get ready for the Christmas season!

And by do we have some good ones this week!

Nowadays if you want to hit record you put H.E.R on it!

And that’s what Toni Braxton did on her latest single featuring H.E.R "Got To Move On"



As I’ve brought up H.E.R. in the past, mentioning how she is a great feature on anyone's record, she does have hits of her own! In this new single she jacked Herb Alpert and Janet Jackson’s 1987 song "Making Love In The Rain" here's "Damage"




And might I say the king of R& B today, Kem has teamed up with Toni Braxton with his latest entitled "Live Out Your Love"



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