Finally, after years of squabbling back and forth over ownership of the trademark "New Edition", the fellas have settled their differences like grown men should.

According to a post on Instagram from NE member Mike Bivins, all 6 members of the group have signed paperwork making all of them equal owners of the "New Edition" trademark.

The ownership of the trademark became of point of contention a few years ago as Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant found out that the group's name had not been trademarked so they, Johnny & Ralph, took ownership of it.

But the other members, Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins, Bobby Brown and Ronnie Devoe, were not too happy about the move and they split into a different faction that began recording and touring under the name "RBBM" while Johnny & Ralph recorded songs with each other.

Neither move proved to be very successful for both groups as long time NE fans longed for the group to put their issues behind them and celebrate their 42 years together as a group. Now, its all behind them and everyone can move on and maybe we'll get some new NE music! Congratulations fellas!


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