The long anticipated kickoff to the biopic of the self-proclaimed "King Of R&B" Bobby Brown premiered on BET last night and while it was not as "comprehensive" as "The New Edition Story", there was still lots of high paced action as we took a look inside the life and career of one of R&B's biggest stars.

We're still trying to process a few things that we watched last night, like how many kids and how many different baby mamas does he have? It seems like every 30 minutes in this movie a pregnancy was announced. But the REAL TEA everyone is pouring is about his "romance" with Janet Jackson. Here are a few things we learned:


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    Janet & Bobby Were 'Secret Lovers'

    Apparently A LOT OF PEOPLE were SHOCKED over this story and never knew about it. Bobby wrote about it in his 2016 book "Every Little Step" and says that Janet "broke his heart" and believed that Janet's family didn't want her to date him because of his darker skin tone. Bobby talked to Steve Harvey about it on his talk show a few years back.

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    Bobby Got Whitney And Another Woman Pregnant At The Same Time

    Like I said earlier, over the span of roughly 2 hours, just about every 30 minutes we found out Bobby got another woman pregnant, (If you're keeping score at home, Bobby has had 7 kids, 3 adult kids from previous relationships, 3 with his current wife Alicia, Bobbi Kristina, his child with Whitney Houston passed away in 2015).

    In the movie, Bobby spends a night with one of his baby mommas, Kim Ward, and ends up having a one night stand just days before proposing to Whitney. That one night stand resulted in Ward's pregnancy with Brown's son Bobby Jr., at the same time Brown got Houston pregnant. Whitney would later have a miscarriage and loses the baby on the set of "The Bodyguard".

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    Bobby Witnessed Multiple Killings

    The movie begins with one of Brown's childhood friends being murdered in a fight, just minutes after Brown is seen mourning his grandmother's death. Then later on, his sister's fiancee is gunned down with Brown next to him in the car. Those kind of things can REALLY scar a person and gives some insight into Brown's behavior which we're learn more about tonight as PART 2 airs on BET beginning at 8:00 PM.

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