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If you grew up in a church home like I did, sometime around the 90's, you became familiar with Bishop Carlton Pearson and his AZUSA Conference which quickly became wildly popular and heavily attended by church goes of many races. He had hit Gospel albums and a rapidly growing 'mega-church' in Tulsa, Oklahoma that at its height, attendance topped out in the thousands.

But after an incident that challenges his faith causes Pearson to reevaluate what he's been preaching, he's quickly dismissed as a "Heretic" and loses everything. "Come Sunday" is the story of Pearson's journey from celebrated preacher to "lost soul" as many in the church would come to see him as. Pearson is played by the amazing Chiwetel Ejiofor who's performance you can really feel as he struggles with the storms in his life.

What I got out of this movie is simple: Love Everyone even if you don't agree.

As we go through life trying to figure things out, we all tend to lean on the things that we believe but when someone presents a new point of view, we tend to reject those thoughts and dismiss the person all together without hearing them out. "Come Sunday" is definitely uplifting and inspiring and will give you a sense of re-evaluating not only your faith but the way we treat one another.

This is a definitely must-add to your Netflix queue!

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