Some families take their game night very seriously — so much so that one man was arrested after a game of Monopoly turned violent.

John Armstrong of Tulsa, Okla., was drinking with relatives when their family game night went very wrong. According to the Tulsa Police Department, officers responded to the family's home after a family member called 911 to report "shots fired."

Investigators report the family was playing a friendly game of Monopoly when a feud between Armstrong and his stepfather suddenly erupted into chaos.

According to a police report, "after knocking over the Monopoly board and turning over furniture, another family member told Armstrong and his stepfather to take the fight outside."

Police officers say the two men took their aggression outside, where Armstrong sustained an injury on his head during the fight, which prompted him to wield his gun. Armstrong then allegedly proceeded to chase both his stepfather and stepsister down the street at gunpoint.

Armstrong admitted to police that he fired "one shot at the ground."

Unfortunately, Armstrong won't be able to use his "get out of jail free" card for this one. He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. According to the New York Post, he is scheduled to appear in court Friday (Dec. 2).

Facebook users who follow the Tulsa Police Department seem to be understanding of the situation.

"Sounds about right, tbh. Monopoly is a dangerous game," one user commented.

"It's aight, he only got 3 turns and he'll be out. Hopefully he put a lil sumn up in his community chest. #FreeArmstrong," someone else joked.

"Good thing we stopped playing board games when we were young and I could still outrun you," another user wrote, tagging their family members.

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