Nicki Minaj has a respected R&B singer in her corner regarding the legal situation with her ex-fiance Safaree Samuels.

Monica went on The Talk to stand up for her very good friend. The R&B singer made it a point to say she "minds her business" but she did read Minaj's tweets about the issue and Safaree's response, which stated that he would avoid Twitter in hopes of an amicable result for both parties.

But Monica wasn't having that either, "What does that mean? Are you going to just disappear?" she asked. "Because I don't do anything amicable after you've been talking about me."

Clearly, we can see who Monica is riding with.

The drama between Minaj and Samuels reared it's ugly head on social media on Wednesday (May 11) when Safaree slammed Nicki with an extortion lawsuit. It prompted Queen Barbz to hit Twitter and plead with Safaree to leave her and new man Meek Mill alone. Nicki's fans rallied around her and now Monica is riding for team Omeeka too.

“To me, if there are no kids involved especially, there should be no conversation. It’s over; it’s done; move on,” Monica told the ladies of the Talk. The Grammy-winning singer even refused to mention Safaree's name.

Safaree filed a lawsuit on Monday (May 9) against Minaj for physical and emotional damages. Monica was just as shocked as Nicki - who blasted Samuels for filing the suit days after she celebrated Meek Mill's 29th birthday — about the suit.

"We speak daily and he never comes up," Monica revealed about her conversation with Nicki Minaj.

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