Michael Baisden, the entertaining and always controversial afternoon host here at MYKISS1031 whose show airs weekdays from 3 to 7 pm, recently sent an email to all of the stations that carry his show breaking the bad news that his show is over at the end of December:


As we approach the end of the year, I know how critical it is for radio stations to be able to plan ahead with their programming. I’m writing to inform you that the Michael Baisden Show will not be returning for 2021. Sun Broadcasting Group has been an incredible networking partner and their team, they have worked diligently to grow the show for the past two years. Unfortunately, due to the historic issues we faced with covid-19 and the subsequent economic crisis it’s been challenging to grow affiliation and revenue for the show. As always, I will be on standby if the economic situation changes and a greater opportunity present itself in regard to adding more markets. Until then, I will be focusing on my digital platforms, podcast content and events. Once again, thank you for your support of the show in the short time that we’ve been working together, and I wish you nothing but the best moving forward!



He wraps up an incredible 3 1/2 year run on MYKISS1031 and we want to thank him for a great afternoon experience for the grown folks of Central Texas.

Stay tuned......in addition to the great music and conversation in the afternoon you are used to, we are about to make you laugh too!

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