I truly hope BET does "The New Edition Story" justice as it sets to kickoff its 3 night run on BET. The hype we've seen thus far looks great, but its also kicked off a wave of nostalgia amongst us who were old enough to remember watching grow from the bubblegum "Candy Girl" sound to "Boys To Men". Their impact on music is grossly understated but they are now getting the respect long overdue to them. So, in honor of the movie, I've found the 5 JAMS that I love the most from New Edition (with and without Bobby).

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    "Not My Kind Of Girl"

    I'm more infatuated with the SOUND of this song than anything. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis took over the New Edition sound after Bobby Brown left and the way they flawlessly blended the uptempo beat and still maintain its smooth harmony is amazing.

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    "Still In Love"

    Before you start throwing stuff at me, this is the one rare track were you can get ALL SIX members (maybe) together on one soft slow jam......


    Man forget yall... I like this song...

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    "Cool It Now"

    Its 2017 and I still see grown adults as well as kids who weren't even born when this song came out, jump up to jam along with this one.

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    "If It Isn't Love"

    This would be my number one considering how I wore this song out on my cassette deck back in the day but one song has continued to stand the test of time and has really become their signature song.

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    "Can You Stand The Rain"

    You betcha! And the rest of planet Earth agrees with me considering "Can You Stand The Rain" is their most viewed video on YouTube at over 33 Million views at the time of this article. The message, the harmony, the song is one of the greats beyond just the group.

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