The judges have judged, and Pat Ramirez of Troy has been crowned our "King of the Grill" 2021.

It's become an annual tradition for us to search out the ugliest grill in Central Texas every year for Father's Day, and this year yields one of the ugliest yet.

Pat Ramirez is our new "King!" Pat was nominated by his wife, Kristine who said:

My husband, Petronilo “Pat” Ramirez, built this grill with his own two hands about ten years ago from scrap metal because we could not afford to buy him a new one. This grill has traveled with him throughout the years due to moves, and unfortunately, has broken (see legs, bottom of the smoke box & lid). Due to several setbacks, we are unable to afford to fix or replace it for him. My husband is the most loving and hard working man I have ever known. Even after the death of our eldest daughter, his living spirit remains whole for our other two children. Grilling brings him so much peace and pride knowing that he is able to feed others.

Just look at this monstrosity,

Kristine Ramirez
Kristine Ramirez

Pat and Kristine stopped by our studios Friday and took home a brand new grill complete with the accessories to start grilling immediately. He also received gift cards from Lastovica Jewelers, Ponder Auto & Fleet Services, Limo Company LLC, Therapeutic Loving Connections and four free rounds of golf from Sammons Golf Course.

That's a pretty good Father's Day prize, and from the sounds of it, Pat is a very deserving winner.

Damn, it's good to be KING!

A special shout out to all the dads this Father's Day weekend and to all our great sponsors for helping make this years prize so awesome.

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Texans love grilling, and we're the sort of people to fix things as often as possible for years before we replace them. It's just practical, and we're not wasteful folks.

That combination of grillin' and grit leads to Texans holding on to ugly, rusty, nasty grills for years because hey, you can still cook on 'em!

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