Maxwell is giving ladies something to ogle over while he is currently on tour. He released the remix of his R&B hit single "Gods."

The original "Gods" video was released in March by Maxwell and Tidal. It was directed by Philip Andelman. After hearing DJ Kapiro’s remix, Maxwell told Billboard that he “was inspired to add an extra visual element to the video, something different. I’m looking forward to hearing it on the radio.” The remix video for "More Gods" was directed by Brandon Carter and has a very different vibe than the original.

The upbeat remix goes well with the futuristic neon pink video. In the video, Maxwell alludes to the release of his next album. Fans have been anticipating the final installment in his album trilogy that began back in 2009 with BLACKsummers'night and was followed by the second installment blackSUMMERS'night, which features "Gods."

“Be prepared to be surprised. Night is coming,” was the only reply that Maxwell gave when asked about the release date for his next album. Check out the video for the remix to "Gods" above.


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